“They have helped me a lot. I learned a lot of English, and after one and a half years, I am not scared to read English. And they also got me a job nearby and I’m still working there.”

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Ka grew up in Hong Kong with his parents, sister and four brothers. At a very young age, he became involved with the Hong Kong gangs where is was first exposed to illicit drugs such as opium and heroin.

In hopes of providing a better life and more opportunities for their family, Ka’s father moved the family to Canada. During his time in Vancouver, Ka met his common law wife and  had a son. Unfortunately, their relationship ended, which resulted in his wife and son moving to Toronto. His life was turned upside down and he began to use.

When he was working, he was clean; when he was unemployed, he would relapse – this was his cycle of his addiction. As a result of being in and out of addiction, he lost contact with his family and son.

Like many of the clients, Ka was first introduced to Harbour Light through the Community Meal Program where he learned about the detox and treatment programs. After 14 months, Ka successfully completed the treatment program “from that day I go to Harbour Light to now, almost two years, I never used drugs again.”

Vital to his recovery was his ability to attend ESL sessions which was offered through the Learning Center Program. After one year, he was able to overcome his fear and anger of his limitations with English. “Now even if I don’t understand, I don’t get scared to read English now.” Because of the program, he was able to find part time work. “Now I’m really happy because my life changed.”

Today, Ka is working part time, has reconnected with some of his family and hopes to re-establish his relationship with his son in the future.

A Little Bit About Ka