“I’ve been to lots of treatment centres and recovery houses and they would kick me out after three months with nowhere to turn. Here I got to stay here for 14 months. They truly care… I see a future now.”

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While living in Toronto, Adam became a father at the young age of 18. With a history of addiction, that began with alcohol when he was 14 years old, the pressures and responsibilities of having a newborn was overwhelming; he wanted to escape and moved to Alberta.

In Alberta, he was drinking heavily; was in and out of jail and recovery houses. He moved to Vancouver after overdosing in his father’s house and was kicked out.

He had nowhere to go; nowhere to sleep and with no money he was committing crimes to support his addiction. Adam’s brother – who was in treatment at Harbour Light at the time – was instrumental in convincing him to enter detox and the residential treatment program.

“The biggest thing about The Salvation Army was the amount of time I got to stay there. I’ve been to lots of treatment centers, recovery houses and they would kick me out after three months and I had nowhere to turn.  But here, I got to stay for 14 months they helped me get a place to stay. And I’m still going to counselling at Harbour Light now. And they truly care.”

I am grateful I found Harbour Light it’s changed my life without a doubt, like today I have 14 months clean I’ve been using since I was using since I was 14, 15 and I’ve never had so much clean time and I believe it’s cause of Harbour Light.”

Adam credits Harbour Light for saving his life. “I’ve never had any hope until I went to Harbour Light, with all the counselling I did and looking at my childhood trauma all that stuff. It’s stuff that doesn’t sit with me anymore because I was able to get that out, now I have room for hope where I actually see a future now where I didn’t see when I first came here.”

After successfully graduating the treatment program, Adam is currently employed at Harbour Light working in the shelter.

A Little Bit About Adam