“Without the Salvation Army Homestead, I would be another statistic of the opioid crisis.”

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Her early childhood memories are of the physical and emotional abuse she suffered as a child. As a ward of the state, she was shuffled in and out of 24 foster homes eventually ageing out at 16. Christina moved to Toronto, where she met her husband and had two children. Unfortunately, her dream of “happily ever after” was shattered and her addiction began to spiral.

Christina moved to Vancouver to escape and start a new life. After years in Vancouver, she sought help with her addiction. Her road to recovery began at Vancouver Detox and then at The Salvation Army Homestead  treatment program. Homestead gave her the tools and skills for a solid foundation to get back her life and to keep moving forward. Homestead gave her hope, support, safety and inspiration to push through past hurt, pain & trauma and to rediscover who she is.

Today, she is her true authentic self and is living a good life. Christina has reconnected with her children and is currently a Shelters Case Worker at The Salvation Vancouver Harbour Light. To celebrate her recovery and to pay it forward, Christina provides free haircuts as the “Scizzor Fairy” to the Harbour Light Shelters Clients and downtown eastside community.

A Little Bit About Christina