“Before coming to Harbour Light, I was heartbroken. I was angry and I was depressed. Today, I am working towards the family community counselling program at Native Education College.”

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Jordan was struggling with anger, depression, homelessness and addiction while he was living in Williams Lake. In his words, “… (he) was mad at the world.” While at the Salvation Army drop-in centre, a staff member recognized his need for help and recommended treatment at Vancouver Harbour Light.

Initially, the program was difficult for Jordan. It challenged him to examine and explore his past and gain new perspective and insight into his behaviour… something he was not used to. “I had to really identify why I felt the way I did and what was causing it and I was helped to do that – it was the start of everything for me.”

In a safe, caring environment Jordon began to work towards his recovery. He went at his own pace and began to understand that Harbour Light is a place that gives people chances. “It’s very hard to snap your fingers and be like, I’m going to be a perfect person.” But the one-to-one care he received while going through the program really made him feel like someone cared.

Having successfully graduated from the treatment program, Jordan plans on continuing his education with the goal of attending the family community counselling program at the Native Education College.

A Little Bit About Jordan