“The biggest thing that the Harbour Light program gave me was an opportunity to heal”

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Having grown up in a loving prominent family in Vancouver, Grant’s future was full of potential, promise, and opportunities. He had a successful legal career, practicing law in downtown Vancouver. Then, his career and personal life took a turn for the worst. “A series of bad choices coupled with my increasing addiction to alcohol and drugs brought me to a point where I was homeless, unemployed and broke.”

His recovery began at Harbour Light’s detox program and then onto to the residential treatment program. “What I got from Harbour Light was an education on addiction … but the biggest thing that the Harbour Light program gave me was the opportunity to heal.”

Soon after completing the program, Grant realized he wanted to work at Harbour Light, “… so he could be a piece in the puzzle that made up the big picture.” His 15-year career at Harbour Light beginning as the Assistant Manager of the Community Residential Facility Program (CRF), has held a variety of management roles and he is currently the Director of Operations at Harbour Light.

“When I came here, my outlook was one of despair but being here – and having the help they offered – has changed my outlook to one of hope. You don’t have to be here very long before you realize that Harbour Light extends help to those in need and it’s a place of miracles and I wanted to be a part of that.”

When asked why he chose Harbour Light as a new career path, he said, “I wanted to help give back to the organization that helped me reclaim my life and to help others in that process is just the icing on the cake.”

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