The first time I went to Harbour Light in my present role, I was greeted on the street by an employee — articulate, well-dressed, well-mannered — who welcomed me and then immediately began to tell me about himself.

He was formerly a professional tradesman who lost his home, his family and his life due to addiction. He came to Harbour Light and went through our programs. And started a new life.

This is just one of the stories of hope and transformation provided by Harbour Light.

The founding concept of Harbour Light was based on the metaphor a beacon of light in a dark place; giving hope to those trapped in addiction or homelessness and looking for support and answers.

For 65 years, we have been working on the Downtown Eastside with a proven track record and successful outcomes. Where hundreds and thousands are homeless and addicted, we have played a key role in providing support and recovery to a new life.

But we are aware that a new Vancouver Harbour Light is needed to allow us to have even better outcomes.

The new Vancouver Harbour Light has been identified for a few years as a priority project for numerous reasons: aging buildings; operating on  two sides of a busy street; the need to add new programs including treatment for women; and, the need to enhance programs being hindered by the physical facilities.

The new Vancouver Harbour Light will have visible impact; the new programs will have visible outcomes; and, the people it serves will show visible transformation. And a key piece of continued transformation of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside will be in place.

We are excited about the potential of this highly visible beautiful new building on East Cordova that will be evidence of amazing transformation happening in the lives of people in British Columbia.

The community support generated by this campaign will show that our city, and its people, care enough about each other to be involved. And in ways both tangible and symbolic that as residents of this province, we want to come alongside one another. We hope you will be a part of this campaign.


Lt. Colonel Jamie Braund
Divisional Commander