Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about the building?

  • Nine stories
  • 144,000 square ft
  • 300 total beds
  • 46 housing units
  • Addiction treatment
  • Emergency shelters
  • Community feeding program
  • Vocational training

When will the building open?

  • Demolition will begin in the fall of 2021
  • Doors open in the summer of 2024

Was there a consultation process?

The process has been one of due diligence and consultation over the past five years with internal and external audiences, including provincial and municipal governments, neighbours and neighbourhood groups, social service partners, indigenous leaders and the public.


How much will the project cost?

Total project cost $95 million

*costs are subject to change

How will you raise the funds?

The funds are being raised through a combination of government, private, and public funding, with a contribution from
The Salvation Army:

  • Salvation Army Investment – $35 million
    (includes our land contribution)
  • Government Investment – $35-40 million
  • Public Campaign – $23 million

Will you still offer services?

Yes. We will continue to serve our clients and the community during construction through our building on the north side. Our emergency shelters are being relocated within the neighbourhood in order to continue that service.