“They gave me the opportunity to learn what it’s like to be a brother and a son for my mother. I learned what it’s like to be a person for myself. They gave me the opportunity to give back to my community.”

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Billy grew up in Saskatchewan in a family with a history of alcoholism and addiction. Unfortunately, his path took him down some dark roads; he was incarcerated as a juvenile, an adult, and joined a motorcycle club.

He moved to British Columbia and opened a small business. Unfortunately, shortly after he became addicted to drugs and alcohol. Wanting change, to break the cycle and to better his life, he reached out to Harbour Light “to get an opportunity to get his life back on track.” There he was able to get aid to treat an existing medical condition and entered our treatment program.

Vital to Billy’s recovery was ability to stay at Harbour Light for 18 months not only to address his addiction but his medical issues as well. “I completed my journey through the treatment process, because they let me stay longer than most people.”

“Hope is the feeling of satisfaction that I have finally arrived. Life waited for me to arrive. And I’m here, I always hoped I’d have a place where I could be proud of myself and people could be proud of me. And I found that here.” The Salvation Army has given him the opportunity to learn what it’s like to be a brother, to be a son to my mother, to be a person for himself.

After successfully completing the treatment program, Billy was offered the opportunity to volunteer in shipping & receiving where he has successfully transitioned through a variety of roles.  He is currently the Food Procurement & Logistics Supervisor.

A Little Bit About Billy